Phil Kids Summer online events

Phil Kids Taster Session

Tuesday 8th June, 5pm

Phil Kids Choir encourages children of all ages to sing for fun and develop musical skills. If you have a child currently in P3 or P4 who would be interested in joining Phil Kids in September 2021, sign up for a free online taster session with Phil Kids Director Caroline Jones. Children will learn new songs and music games, and discover what being a Phil Kid is all about!

Phil Kids usually meets in St Bride's Hall, Derryvolgive Avenue, on Tuesday evenings. During 2020/21 we have been meeting online, and have developed lots of fun singing projects alongside musicianship classes. We expect 2021/22 may involve some more online work before a safe move back to live rehearsals. 

If you would like to register your child for the free taster session (or if you have any queries) please email Linda ( with the child’s name, whether they are currently in P3 or P4 and which school they attend (or that they are home-schooled if applicable).

You can also telephone Linda (07792 448929) for more information.

The Power of Phil Kids: The Kodály Concept in Action

Tuesday 25th May, 5.30pm

From the P4 singers in Phil Kids to the twenty-year-olds in Chamber Choir, the Kodály Concept of music education is at the heart of everything we do in Belfast Philharmonic Youth Choirs. Artistic Director Lynsey Callaghan will talk through what that means, how that way of thinking about music helps young people learn in the best way for their age, and how it develops with singers as they grow. We’ll talk about the tools we use in choir to teach singing and musicianship, which start with our youngest singers learning hand-signs and rhythm games, all the way to our four-part Chamber Choir performing fantastic and challenging choral works. If you have ever wondered what makes Phil Kids and Youth Choirs different, what solfège means, or what happens in a musicianship class, this short talk will answer all of your questions!

This talk is designed for parents/guardians thinking about sending children to Phil Kids in September 2021, and for parents/guardians of existing Phil Kids who would like to know more about how the choir works. We also welcome any teachers with a responsibility for music who are interested in finding out more about the Kodály Concept.

Email Laura ( if you would like access to the event recording


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